Enrollment is now open for the 2024-2025 school year!
Current Bethany preschool families: January 8th
Bethany Lutheran Church members and past preschool families: January 19th
General public: January 29th

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(6 weeks-12 months)

It is amazing to watch an infant grow and develop. Warm and nurturing care between children and adults, and positive stimulation from the time of birth makes a difference in a child’s development. We strive to make life as a parent as simple as possible. Realizing the importance of keeping your child on a routine schedule will assist parents in making the child’s day as easy as possible.

Diapers are changed every two hours or as needed. Parents of infants and toddlers need to provide diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream (as needed). Teachers will label each of these items with your child’s name to ensure that the correct items are being used. Staff members wear gloves while changing diapers. All children will wash their hands after having their diapers changed. Staff members wash their hands and sanitize the diapering area after each diaper change. Cloth diapers are welcome. Parents will need to provide a separate bin with a lid to place used diapers. Each diaper will be put into a sealed bag. Diapers will be placed in the bag “as is.”

(12 months-24 months)

The best type of learning environment for toddlers is one that allows them to explore and play in a safe, impressionable setting. Young children need to be introduced to activities that engage their attention and hold their interests enhancing their growth and development.

Bethany First Steps toddler curriculum encourages toddlers to explore the world around them through monthly themes. Toddlers build vocabulary, use small and large motor skills, creative expression, socialization, and much more. We provide opportunities to engage play, concrete and abstract manipulation, interaction, and problem solving. Each day, Bethany First Steps will document your child’s day, telling you how your child napped, ate, drank, played, and diapered/potty trained.

Transition Twos

Children’s needs change as they become a two year old. They start becoming more independent and curiosity abounds! Teachers will interact one-on-one with each child and have a short circle time (5-7 minutes) to teach your toddler about shapes, colors, numbers, animals, families and the community they live in. Teachers will read books, show pictures and complete projects to enhance learning. Meals will include sitting at tables, using table manners, silverware, prayers and serving “Family Style.”


Preparing children for school success is essential. We provide a wide variety of activities for the preschool child aiding in a strong basis for learning. Our curriculum focuses on fun, hand-on activities to keep children actively engaged as they learn to recognize letters, explore sounds, understand number concepts, and develop positive character traits.

Bethany First Steps partners with Bethany Preschool. If your child is enrolled to attend Preschool at Bethany he/she will be walked to and from Preschool by their center teacher.

Childcare Weekly Tuition Rates

*Tuition prices include: Preschool everyday, breakfast, lunch, and snack.*

Classroom Registration Full-Time (5 days)

Starfish Room


$100 per child $312

Jellyfish Room

(12-24 months)

$100 per child $283

Otters Room

(2-3 year olds)

$100 per child $275

Stingrays Room

(3-4/5 year olds)

$100 per child $262

Turtles Room

(4/5-6 year olds)

$100 per child $251

*The one-time $100 registration fee and last week’s tuition is due at the time you register your child.